Our Planet’s Plea…

Dear Citizens of the Earth,

There is an immediate threat hurtling towards our planet about to destroy all of humanity. If we don’t address it soon, we may as well find a way to move and live on Mars. Sadly, living on Mars is a long-term goal. This threat can happen any day now. This demonic threat that could potentially destroy all of human life is also known as Global Warming (GW). 

Need a refresher? Well here is a story to help you out: Once Upon a Time, there were these people who did the Sun’s bidding; they traveled to Earth, and stood around, warming the Earth’s atmosphere. These people are the Sun’s Rays who would enter the Earth’s atmosphere, bounce of our planet and most would leave. The earth’s atmosphere has these bullies called the Greenhouse Gasses, who would bully some of these rays and make them stick around. Now, let’s come back to the present. Due to the advancement and carelessness of the human race, we have produced a lot more of these Greenhouse Gas bullies in the Earth’s atmosphere, trapping more of the sun’s rays and making them stick around for an even longer time, heating the planet even MORE! AND every time the Suns Rays come to visit, the greenhouse gases are always there- increasing in numbers, heating our planet even more. This is what is making our Arctic melt. This is why our sea levels are rising. This is why our land is getting smaller. This is global warming, in short. This is what is bringing our polar bears to extinction, but no one is going to take major action because it “is not the problem at the tip of our tongues” (-Al Gore). WE need to act now so future generations can live in a better world than what you are living in.

Let’s start with some basic facts. In Alaska, 5% of the land is covered by glaciers which are severely contributing to the increase in sea levels- about 76 gigatons of ice is lost each year according to Earthsky.org. The trapped sun’s rays are melting glaciers, which turns into water, which means the sea has more water, flooding lands affecting us! So, to watch over the changes, NASA launched a satellite to monitor the Arctic. The researchers now have a time-lapse report to show how much ice got lost in 9 years. Also, with the sea level rising due to glaciers melting, it’s creating a lot of turbulence in the sea like hurricanes and cyclones. It’s drastically affecting human life and destroying natural resources.

Want examples? Picture this: A hurricane blows through your village and you are left as a spectator. You see a dying man left between wooden planks, and a mourning wife close by. The recent cyclones that hit the very eastern coast of India ( the sunder-bans), damaging a massive terrain of forest. The effect was devastating to the inhabitants. 

The sunder-bans have provided food and irrigation to the farmers. Here are some pictures to help you better understand where they are located.

File:সুন্দরবনের মানচিত্র.svg

Where it is located

As you can see, the Sunderbans are right on the coast, and due to rising sea levels,  the saline ocean water robs the farmers the ability to do any kind of irrigation. The rising water levels are flooding their huts and forcing entire communities to relocate. This is devastating hundreds of thousands of villagers in the area. Just imagine if you were in this situation; the ocean kicking you out of your own home! Well, I guess if you live on any coast, you may be able to experience it someday in the future. In the following picture, you can see an attempt to build a makeshift barrier to delay the oceanic water from flooding the land.

Photo Credit:  dreamstime.com

Photo Credit: Somnath Mukherji

Due to the overflowing oceanic saline water, Villagers now have to walk miles and miles to reach a freshwater stream, here is a young girl helping her younger sister carry water back to the village. Over here where I live, I can get fresh water from my tap. Global Warming is forcing these small kids to walk miles in search of freshwater when they are supposed to be enjoying their childhood.

I was so fortunate to meet Mr. Mukherji, who is an activist helping these villagers, and visited these sites. He opened my eyes to their suffering. Thank you!

In the time-lapse video I’m about to show you, you can see the Arctic growing a bit, then shrinking again. Wonder why this happens? In the winter the water around the Arctic is so cold that the water freezes. But, in the summer, the waters around the Arctic warm up again and the ice melts. It melts WAY more than it did last year since it is so much hotter! The next winter, the water freezes. This time, the winter is a lot warmer than last year’s winter, so fewer water freezes, which means less ice! This makes the Arctic smaller than it was last summer! Earlier on this blog: “…to watch over the changes, NASA launched a satellite to monitor the Arctic. The

researchers got a time-lapse report to show how much ice got lost in 9 years.”. Here is the time-lapse satellite reported:  Check out this time-lapse to see the Arctic enlarge and shrink!

And now… a quick word picture: 

As you move across the world, to the Arctic, and you see this: A polar bear, so skinny you can see its skeleton. Imagine it trying to climb an adrift piece of ice, so thin that it looks transparent against the tossing, warming sea. The ice gives away, the polar bear continues to swim miserably, looking for food and shelter. Some of you may not believe this, but this is, truly, happening because of GW.

What should we do?

How can we help fight GW? The list is long… just read the millions of sites on Google. But the one thing many don’t seem to do is; Commit. You can read the millions of sites but that wouldn’t change much if you don’t commit to the things that you can do. And not commit for a day; that too wouldn’t change much. Commit for the rest of your life. If every person who reads this commits, the future generations would be studying GW in their History class. So, after reading the below, I hope you find methods you can commit to for life. Without further ado, let’s get to them!

The easiest thing you can do is change the light in your home to compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. Not only will you save money on your electric bill but it will reduce the emission of 150 pounds of carbon dioxide per year per bulb.  AND all you have to do is change a couple of lights. While you are at it, check what devices you are not using every day and turn them off. Just turning off your television, DVD player, stereo, and computer when you are not using them can save you up to thousands of pounds of carbon-dioxide per year! And get this, simply turning the knob to use colder water when showering or washing clothes can save more than 500 pounds of carbon dioxide per year! ( I was surprised when I learned, it takes a lot of CO2 (carbon dioxide to heat up water.) Making these couple of changes to your household can save you approximately 2650+ pounds of CO2 per YEAR!  Simply, changing your lights, turning off devices that are not in use, and using less hot water can save you 100’s of dollars AND can help fight GW. 

Want to become a real superhero? Save the planet not just from global warming but also pollution. By recycling all wastes, it can result in savings of 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Did you know that “Producing plastic generates carbon pollution. And new research shows that plastic releases greenhouse gases (methane and ethylene) when it breaks down, too.” according to Yale Climate Connections. They also goes on to say that “Methane is roughly 30 times more potent at heat-trapping than carbon dioxide.” As you can see plastic helps GW, and increases the amount of pollution, so it’s even more important to recycle and become a superhero!

Drive Less! Why is that so commonly heard? Because it helps our planet SO much! “You’ll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don’t drive!”- According to  NorthWestern. Awesome right? AND you get exercise while saving the planet! “Well…” you say, “walking is soooooo inconvenient and slow! Why should I walk?” Did you know “walking can reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart attack, stroke, and glaucoma” according to American Progress?   Did you know that according to huffpost.com  the average American spends over $2,000 per year on gas!? Imagine what you can spend with that? A cosy dream home, Virtual Reality set, a new video game, and maybe buy a Ghirardelli Factory or two, maybe some…. OOPS! I got carried away. But clearly, walking is healthier, gets you better sleep at night, gives you a workout, can reduce the risk of several diseases, save you a bucket-load of money, and most importantly, fights GW. So the real question is… “Why Drive?”. ( I see you, people with jobs further away, maybe you can consider buying a hybrid or an electric car… with prices dropping, it can be a great solution!) 

 Here is the most effective one. Drumroll please…putting in more carbon-dioxide-breathing life forms can help too! If our population is increasing; plant life and the trees’ population should be increasing too, to balance it out. If we put them in every balcony, every home, make these amazing oxygen plants grow on the sides of buildings; put them in every acre of land and make special sanctuaries for them we can do a HUGE, and I mean HUGE favor to mankind and our planet. You can help by donating to a forest restoration campaign and you can learn more here, or by giving a home to a planet in your home.  Let’s all plant plants. 🙂

Plant on the sides of buildings! 

Photo Credit: static.dezeen.com

Now, these are just a few things you can do to help curb global warming. To find some more easy ways to fight GW search the Web. I hope in this blog post, you learned about GW and how terrible it is. Together, let’s destroy this demonic meteor before it destroys humanity. Let’s put aside our differences and curb global warming. 

Let’s hear our planet’s plea.

5 thoughts on “Our Planet’s Plea…”

  1. Excellent read! We often forget how we could help fight global warming. Your simple tips like recycling waste and using the right light bulbs are minor lifestyle changes that have a great impact on our planet.
    Thank you for sharing your views and enlightening those who do not understand the concept or believe that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” (POTUS)

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