India- The Greatness Many Don’t See at First Sight

Recently, I visited India. I was there for not one, but two weddings! You can imagine how hectic it can be, from picking outfits and making there on time… Indian weddings have 3 parts, therefore we had to pick out 6 different outfits, shoes and accessories. So… BIG shout-out to my mom ( with help from dad) picked out all of this, for our family of 4. Anyway, during this time period, I got to explore India and see past the terrible, poor, false things people see about India at first sight.

A first insult that really triggered me: “Indians only have one type of dance and that is doing a namaste with a neck bob.” No, No, NO!!! I do Bollywood dancing myself and I CAN’T disagree enough. First of all, that is classical dancing -a very ancient type of dancing. This ‘movement’ does not make up the whole department of Indian dancing. Lets-break-it-up. Indian dancing can be broken up onto many, many, many, many, different parts; Classical, and Bollywood to name a few. (Classical dancing can also be broken up into many parts: Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Odissi are only a few. Just hope you wouldn’t have them on your spelling test.) As you can see there is not only classical dancing, (or neck bobbing,) but many, many, types of dancing.

India is overpopulated...
India is overpopulated…

Here’s something else people see when they see a picture of India: “It’s very …. ( they struggle for the word)… dusty.” I ask, ” What do you mean is ‘dusty’? How can a country be dusty?” ” Not dusty… it’s just dirty.” After this conversation being repeated MANY times, I finally get what they are trying to say. Let me help you out… India is polluted. Yes, yes it is. Another thing, India is also over-populated. It is that, too. And how are these two words related? Here’s the answer: Since India is so populated, many people of the middle class (and up, of course) use many cars, taxis, and Ubers… causing a lot of pollution. Many people of the richer people do all of these things. There is also a concept of “drivers”. *Wow! I wonder what those are!* Well, they are people who have the job of driving people around. And once you hire them they will stay your driver until you fire them. That is another reason why India is so polluted. The U.S is less polluted because we have things like BART, and is wayyyyyyy younger than India is. India is polluted, but that does not make it less than any other country.

Indian Food, 😋

Just slipping this in here- its not a stereotype but a fact! It also contributes to its Greatness: India is known for its AMAZING food. This is a characteristic of India that is well known. Some of my favorite meals are: Paneer Makhnee with Tandori Naan, Pani Puri with extra sweet sauce, and I LOOOVE Rajasthan’s Masala Chai. Anyway, this another reason India is Great and not at all, all steryotypical “dingy and dirty and poor”. India’s wealth cannot be measured with gold bars, but we will get to that later. This all shows how amazing Indian food is.

Shrinathji statue, nobody knows what he looks like, it was that long ago.

Earlier, I had said that Indian wealth cannot be measured with bars of gold. After all, India earned their independence 72 years ago ( the British left them with nothing except haunting, gory memories of their rule). Now, many parts like Mumbai and New Delhi are like bigger New Yorks. Of course, there are rural places: I’m not denying they aren’t. For example, a place called Shrinathji , (Sh-REE-NAU-TH-JI), it has a super large population of Vaishnavs, people who believe strongly in the Hindu God Vishnu (VISh-NUU). Religion is a huge thing there. It was where a form of Vishnu came down to Earth to live. This form was called Shrinathji. I visited a temple where Shrinathji was born as a human, and the CROWD! So much pushing and shoving to see the pure form of God. There was a statue at the very front. It was an enclosed area and the need for us to see the statue, even just a glimpse. So much pushing and shoving. Six in the morning! The belief was strong. You could feel it, not the pushing and shoving, but the desperate desire to have a glimpse. This all shows how strong religion is.

I’m PROUD to be Indian!!

But there’s more to demonstrate India’s wealth: There are 22 major languages, 415 minor ones (according to ) and 29 states. How the whole COUNTRY functions together in harmony is India’s wealth. The way they can make movements together and work together as a family, celebrate holidays together, it is really amazing.

India has awesome dance, India has amazing food: what more do you need? But still, religious people make temples very pretty and a sight to see. There is so, so much about India not written here. (Palaces, Temples such as the Golden Temple, etc.) So the next time, think twice before you imagine what India is.



*none of the pictures in this article are owned by me*

26 thoughts on “India- The Greatness Many Don’t See at First Sight”

  1. It’s a wonderful article New girl on the blog. I am amazed to se e that how you synchronized all the tradition, culture, religion and essence of that Big Country in one article. Never less to say, in spite of so many differences India is still exhibiting the oldest and largest democracy till date and an inspiration to the western world.
    Keep up the good work and rejuvenate us with many more write ups like this one.👏👏👏👏👏

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